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The Penis

When it comes to sex, nothing seems to cause more anxiety than the size and appearance of the penis.
And it seems porn isn’t helping one little bit!
So, it’s time to stop suffering in silence and set the record straight. These are the key issues you’re concerned about when it comes to the Penis and what you see in porn.

Your Experiences

  • Porn is putting a huge pressure on the shoulders of young boys, age -12-13-14 and up, because porn make it very clearcut and simple: if you are not big, you are small.
    Boys that age sorrounded by porn, will nevously worry if ther penuses will be big or not, not, meaning small, means usally too small when penuses are talked about.
    No wonder why girls do better than boys in almost every respect, like studying etc.
    Girls do not have a shred of the pressure on them like boys do.

    Posted by Ursus. on 03 March 2011

  • There is something wrong when boys aged 12-13-14, children, worry about their penis size because of porn. Worrying about penis size is something boys should be spared for at least until they are fully grown men at 18-19-20 years of age. Is pornograpy taking the childhood away from our children?

    Posted by Ursus. on 02 March 2011

  • It is not necessary to watch porn to get the message bigger is better, it is heralded and announced from almost all the so called non-pornographic media too. It seems like it is a conpiracy among all makers of movies or tv-series to have a comment about penis size. MTV, watched from all from the age of 6-8 and up, has a regular weekly tv-show called The Hard Times of RJ Berger, about a gawky young teenager with a huge penis, (see the official trailer at Youtube). It has been running for about 6 months now.
    So girls and boys from 6-8 are getting it in with teaspoons from everywhere, bigger is better, it isn't just from porn. So how does this affect girls and boys from 6-8 and up, now as they have access to the internet now even from fairly inexpensive cellphones, to the computer in their room. When girls and women become more or less porn-junkies like men, and watch 8-9-10 inch penuses 2-3 inches wide for hours every week, what impact do it have and will have?
    We have been told that women do not consume porn like men do, bur surveys show they are catching up.
    When a girl have looked at 8-9-10 inch penuses 2-3 inches wide from she was 10 years old, for hours a week, until she starts having sex when she is 16, give or take a few years, and she is presented to a an average 5-6 inch penis 1,5 inches wide, will she be able to enjoy it, or will it be rejected?
    What do images we are sorrounded with daily or weekly do to our preferences? Just look at how boys and men are affected by the models in beauty, fashion, models we see in lingerie on superboards and everywhere. We want the long legged, narrow-waisted, big-breasted facial beauty, even we know only 1 from 30-40 women look like her. When girls and women look at big penuses for hours a week, will it not be reasonable to expect they will develop similar preferences, to the point many girls and women cannot enjoy the average boys and mens endowments?
    This should be addressed when porn is discussed, not just how women are objectified by porn, or else we could have a situation with not enough men with porn- sized penuses as womens sexproblem number 1, and mens sexpreoblem number one will be not having porn-sized penuses.

    Posted by Ursus. on 02 March 2011

  • the average penis size when soft is from 2-4 when soft and from 4-6 when erect but there are always exception to every rule so its normal.

    Posted by kim on 22 February 2011

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