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Male STI Check-up

Many STIs have no obvious symptoms, but if left untreated can cause infertility, chronic pain and even death. The earlier they are identified and dealt with, the better.

In this video, you can see what happens when a man has a sexual health check-up. Find out what the doctor is looking for, what to expect during a physical examination and the truth about the male genital swab.

Your Experiences

  • umm i have found some spots on the head of my penis, i know i should get a check up but im afraid i will get in trouble because i am 14 and i have been given hands jobs and blow jobs, what should i do that wont get me in trouble?

    Posted by Jake on 05 May 2011

  • I used to masturbate since the age of 17 on alternate days or twice or thrice a week. Now I am 27 and I am now seeing the bad effects of masturbation so I left masturbating since 2 years. The problem is that when I urinate semen comes out with urine. I feel that 2-3 drops of thin sperms come out. Please suggest me how I can tackle this situation and what are the negative effects in future? Can I go with mcug test in this problem? Or if I get the treatment without test then it will be better. Please if you’ve solution then guide me. My weight is still 84, I am getting so week. i file pane in back side, semen colour is chang, light yellow and very thin ,when i do sex semen comes very fast ,penis size is small .Please send me answer as soon as possible.

    Posted by herry on 30 April 2011

  • I have a really bad stench smell coming from my penis, and also i sport with a white head near the bottom of my penis..what is this

    Posted by Nathan on 20 April 2011

  • I've noticed like a greyish discharge from my penis, it doesn't hurt to pee, but after safe sex with a condom it can sometimes burn when i pee, also i have a rash around both sides of my testicals, that itches and can burn when i sweat, and ideas?

    Posted by Marc on 20 April 2011

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