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Female Orgasm

For many women - and men – the female orgasm is shrouded in mystery. While some women are able to orgasm very easily, with up to 40% experiencing multiple orgasms, around 16% never achieve orgasm at all.
This video explains what happens during orgasm and looks at the 2 areas commonly associated with orgasm in women – the clitoris and the G-spot.

Your Experiences

  • My best tip is for women to get to know themselves, to learn what pleases them through masturbation from an early age. This could be clothed, unclothed, in bed, in the bath, on a chair, using your hand, an implement: just experiment, and most importantly DON'T FEEL ASHAMED!!! Also to know that standard "in/out" male/female intercourse doesn't make most women come, this is a fact: everybody should read "The Kinsey Report" on male and female sex. You can still have a rewarding sex experience with a man: I see my sex life with my husband as red wine & my sex life with myself as white wine: both equally enjoyable but quite different. To see some women actually orgasming & what women might want to do in bed check out the girlfriends films film trailer web site. It's lesbian but the same things can be done by a man. Also important is to know that it usually takes a lot more foreplay to stimulate a woman than most people realise. Another super important thing: the vast majority of porn is acting: like WWE Wrestling - expect something different much more intimate & rewarding in real life!!!

    Posted by Jemma on 10 November 2010

  • im nearly 16 and i want to have sex is the first time scary i keep thinking if i have sex i will ejaculate to quickly how do i prevent this

    Posted by charlie on 30 October 2010

  • l am 45 had my first orgasm at 28 by doing it myself, never have l cum with help from a man, not even after hour and half of oral sex why not what is wrong with me. l love it but wont give in.

    Posted by wendy on 07 October 2010

  • When i have sex i dont seem to feel any sensation, isnt it supposed to be enjoyable? i dont get that feeling.

    Posted by Holly on 05 October 2010

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