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The Consistency of My Sperm Has Changed

Sperm comes in all shapes and sizes. This boy comes to the clinic to find out if the changes in his sperm are normal.

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  • As people have noted, this video clip is singularly misleading as it stands, and should be either corrected or removed entirely.

    As it stands, it implies that the two matters raised, varicocoele ("bag of worms") and semen consistency are related. Of course they have no connection whatsoever, nor is either actually a problem but merely an observation of normal variations. Presumably the missing part of the video would have explained this.

    The consistency of semen varies from time to time, mostly related to the interval between ejaculations. Of course, there is a change in the first year of spermarche - as the ability to ejaculate first develops at puberty. The *most* important thing about this is that the macroscopic appearance of semen gives *absolutely no* indication whatsoever at any time (including the first ejaculations of puberty) about the presence or quantity of sperm and consequent fertility - you need a (proper) microscope to determine this.

    This is because the sperm only ever constitute a minute part - a few percent - of the semen. It is the sperm that are produced in the testicles; semen is produced in the glands inside the body, adjacent to the bladder.

    Nor does a varicocoele - an over-abundance of the veins around the testicle - have any significant impact on the production of sperm in *most* cases though it is hypothesised that *occasionally* it can lead to the testicle being kept too warm for optimum sperm production. And this would only ever matter if there was a problem with the other testicle as well, as just one testicle easily produces sufficient sperm for normal fertility.

    And if the lad had already seen a doctor and had a varicocoele observed, it follows that there would be no need for a further examination, nor would examination have any relevance to change in semen consistency unless this was to look for urethral discharge and perform STI screening.

    Posted by Paul on 22 February 2012

  • i also have a"bag of worms" i feel as when i ejaculate that it doesnt spurt outit just drips and im getting worried if that im having a problem has ive had it since i started masterbaiting at the age of 12 and now im 17.ive noticed i have started to ejaculate quite earlie than normal and its becoming an really big inpact on my sexual life as when im having sexual intercourse with a girl that we have only just got started and then it just finishes and girls look at me and give me the sort of look as if i cant hold it in any longer and then it makes me feel really embarresed and its becoming really stressful for me and ive looked everywhere for a explination for whats happening to me so can anyone help me on what could be possibly happening and if its just me or does anyone else have this problem as i want to solve this??

    Posted by dan on 23 December 2011

  • Same here, and it seems quite common. So please, can we have the rest of the video??!!

    Posted by Frank on 17 August 2011

  • I too have a "bag of worms" . is the rest of this video still available somewhere?

    Posted by Richard on 26 July 2011

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