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Natural Breasts Gallery

In The Sex Education Show's national survey of teenagers, 44% of the girls said they were unhappy with their breasts and nearly 1 in 5 say they would already consider having a boob job. Anna sets up a gallery of breasts to question whether images of 'perfect' boobs in porn and the media have affected these girls' self esteem and their body image.

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  • I'm 13 and i have romanian nationality.My penis have 18,3 cm.IT'S TOO BIG?

    Posted by [No first name supplied] on 10 September 2012

  • Seriously, big boobs ain't all that brilliant. Im 34DD and they just get in the way, and it seems nearly impossible to go out wearing normal clothes and not get my chest stared at, or some creepy guy walking past and exclaiming 'BOOBS' like it's the first time they've seen any on a woman. Honestly, I wish mine were smaller. Off topic a bit, but why do guys seem to think it's okay to go around objectifying women so they are mere pretty things to look at? I mean, when have you ever seen a girl walk past a guy and shout 'PENIS'??? Nobyou haven't, so any guys reading this, don't do it, no self respecting woman likes being objectified. Srry, rant over X) xx

    Posted by Ellie on 21 August 2012

  • I heard that massaging your boobs everynight makes them bigger? Is this true? :)

    Posted by Dianna on 19 May 2012

  • I am unsure about how my vagina looks, as i have rather large flap, so they hang down...is this normal?

    Posted by Kate on 04 May 2012

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