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Episode 1

First broadcast: Thu 27th Oct 2011, Channel 4.

In the first episode, the team meet a lad with a phobia of oral sex, a young couple dealing with body confidence, two girls who find going 'on top' downright difficult, and a girl with a broken heart.

Also, 19-year-old Billie JD Porter investigates the increasingly extreme teen behaviour in Magaluf, Spain - or 'Shagaluf' as it's come to be known.

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Hollie was left heartbroken after walking in on her boyfriend with another woman. She’s not sure how she’s going to trust again but counsellor Emma gives her the courage and self-belief she needs to get over her broken heart. Happier Hollie is now enjoying her new-found confidence and meeting new boys.


Although bisexual Kerhys has enjoyed sexual relationships with girls, she experiences pain if anything is inserted into her vagina. For this reason, she’s been reluctant to embark on a sexual relationship with a guy even though she’d love to further explore her sexuality. Dr Anita recommends using different-sized dilators to gently stretch her vagina and counsellor Emma talks to Kerhys about past issues and vaginismus. Kerhys leaves armed with the confidence to have the sex life she longs for.


Despite catching chlamydia twice, Anton refuses to practise safe sex, because he once heard that condoms don’t work. Dr Anita gives Anton a talking-to, complete with pictures of what he could expect to see down below if he carries on having sex irresponsibly.


Jordan can’t see the point of oral sex; he doesn’t like going down on a girl and hasn’t enjoyed it at all on the rare occasion where he has done it. However, Jordan is now wondering if refusing to give oral is stopping him from enjoying his sex life fully. He meets Sam who encourages him to take his time and to get to know the girl. Sam also introduces Jordan to vaginal dams and suggests using these as a fun introduction to cunnilingus.

Nicole & Jake

Nicole & Jake are a young couple in love and life is sweet. Except for one thing. Nicole can’t bear for Jake to see her naked. Nicole has a lack of body confidence and this has been affecting their sex life, leaving Nicole feeling like she’s not good enough for Jake. Step in Emma who helps Nicole see that she is beautiful outside as well as in and helps her concentrate on the positive voices. Nicole and Jake take Emma’s advice to be more intimate with each other, which boosts Nicole’s self-esteem and she is now able to enjoy taking her clothes off in the bedroom.

Rebecca & Laura

Both girls like being on top in the bedroom. But they’re not sure if they’re doing it right because the girls they see in porn make them feel inadequate and as if they’re not doing it quite right. Sam meets the girls and convinces them to stay away from porn and to spend time instead empowering themselves and getting to know their bodies. The girls go home and practise...

How Sexperienced Are You?

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