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Episode 3

First broadcast: Tue 23rd Sep 2008, Channel 4.

Footballers lesson in preventing erectile dysfunction

Over 2 million British men suffer from erectile dysfunction – an inability to get or maintain an erection. Those who don’t seek help could be jeopardising not only their sex lives, but their psychological welfare too. Anna and Dr Radha Modgil show the boys from Long Ashton F.C. how some simple pelvic floor exercises can prevent and even cure erectile dysfunction.

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Teenagers learn the correct way to put on a condom

The Sex Education Show teen survey in conjunction with YouGov reveals that 42% of teens having sex have done so without using a condom, exposing themselves to the dangers of STI’s and pregnancy. Sexual Health educator Philippe Chiarella gives Anna and a class of teenagers his top 5 tips for correct condom usage.

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The birth of baby Willow

After long hours of waiting at the Countess of Chester Hospital, 30 year-old Lianne and partner Damian’s baby daughter Willow finally looks set to make her entrance into the world.

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How Sexperienced Are You?

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