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First Time

Celebrity Virginity

Celebrities can have a big influence on the behaviour of young people. Anna gets a group of teens together to guess the ages at which a celeb line-up lost their virginities. Will knowing when they popped their celebrity cherries affect the teens’ views?

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Scared of Popping Your Cherry?

Will it hurt? Is there lots of blood? Our expert delivers the facts to help this girl with her first time worries.

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Virginity Workshop

A group of students learn what the hymen is, what happens when you lose your virginity and get advice on how to make first time sex a positive experience.

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More Virginity Facts

Having sex for the first time can feel like one of the biggest decisions you might make: just how do you know when to do it, and what should you expect?

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First Time Advice From Dad

Talking about sex is sometimes just as awkward for parents as it is for their kids. In this clip our expert helps a father and son have their first frank and open conversation about the subject.

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Teens & Parents Talk Sex

Parents teach us how to walk, talk and act in public - so why do they seem to stumble when it comes to discussing sex? A group of parents go back to school to learn how to talk to their teens.

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How Sexperienced Are You?

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