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Teen Sex Survey

Highlights from YouGov's "Sex Education" survey. These results relate to 14-17 year old teenagers.


  • 58% of all 14-17 year-olds have viewed pornography online, on mobile phones, in magazines, movies or on TV
  • 71% of sexually active teenagers have viewed pornography
  • 42% of sexually active teenagers view pornography regularly
  • More than a quarter of the boys surveyed use porn at least once a week (5% of them every day)

Sex education

  • More than a third of teens say they rely on getting advice on sex from friends, the internet, magazines and via pornography
  • Over 1 in 5 sexually active teens are worried about the size or shape of their genitals
  • Nearly three in ten teenagers say they need more sex and relationships education
  • Almost a third of teens say that sex is not discussed openly at home

STIs / lack of awareness

  • 15% of teens are unaware there is no cure for HIV/AIDS
  • 42% of those having sex have done so without a condom
  • Just 38% of sexually active teens would always insist on using a condom when having sex

Sexual experience

  • 40% of all 14-17 year olds are sexually active
  • One in three 15 year-olds is sexually active
  • Nearly a quarter of all 14 year olds have had a sexual experience
  • 20% of those surveyed had their first sexual experience at 13 or under
  • 1 in ten 17 year-olds has had sex with a stranger (one night stand)
  • 35% of teens lie to their parents about levels of sexual activity
  • 74% of sexually active 14-17 year-olds have had a sexual experience under the age of consent
  • 63% of those who’ve had sex had it under the age of consent
  • Over 1 in 5 teens lie to friends about their sexual exploits
  • 17% of 16 year-olds have already had more than one sexual partner
  • 35% of sexually active teens have had sex after drinking too much


  • Just 6% of teens would wait until marriage before having sex


  • Over a third of homosexual / bisexual teens say they’ve been bullied because of their sexuality
  • 1 in 5 teenage girls have indulged in a lesbian kiss
  • 59% of gay/bi teens say they haven’t been taught about sexuality in school
How Sexperienced Are You?

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