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Are you Sexperienced? - The Quiz How big are the holes in your sex knowledge? Find out with our quick 10-question quiz.
Worry no more about who does what and what goes where!

Willy size: How long is a dong?Click on the dick and drag it out to the size you think is 'average' for an erect bloke.


The big O: so have you come far?Click and hold down for how long you think a woman's orgasm lasts on average.

0 seconds

Infections: Transmission possible?Apart from having actual sex, how else can you pick up an unwanted infection? Click any of these everyday practices (or places) you think are suspect, and see what (if anything) you could catch.

Contraception: What's going on between us?There are loads of ways of trying to stop sperm doing their business. But which of these are up to the job? (Barring not having sex at all OBVS) Select the methods you think are most effective below.

Boobs: pump up the volume!Use the pump to boost these bosoms up to what you think is 'average' size.
Public service notice: pumping beyond a certain point is not recommended.

cup: AA

Staying power: stop clocks at the ready!People can shag for ages, can't they? But how long should it last exactly? Drag it up or down to what feels right to you.


Sex after 60: Will you still love me when i'm 69?Here's 10 people over 60. On averge how many of them are still doing it?
Click the OAPs to send the right number into bed.


Sex diet: How much is too much?How are other people filling up their days (and nights), eh? Use the arrows to set the number of
times of week you think the average British adult is having sex.


The w**king week: manual labourers wantedLend us a hand. Tap the tissue boxes until you reach a number of times you think is safe to masturbate
in a week. Boys finger-click to the left, girls to the right.


Knocked up: safe as houses?Three doors. Free entry. Three different sexual scenarios. And behind each one the possibility of
a baby. Or not. What d' you think? Which way lies the path to parenthood?

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