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Why am i attracted to men more than women? does it mean i'm gay?

Jake on 05 July 2010 37 Comments

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  • Hiya

    Personally i find myself attracted to women and would like to have a wonderful relationship with my "Perfect" partner and have kids some day. However i find it "easier" to masturbate to bi/gay porn and think about guys....personally im not really bothered, if i did find myself in a relationship with another man, all i with for is that im happy and that we both respect and love each other.

    Hope this sort of helped...

    Posted by ChrisB on 20 July 2011  |  11 people found this useful

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  • I'm 18 years old, and have known I was gay since a very young age, but my room-mate (who is also a male) is just coming to terms with being interested in girls and boys, and is confused. But the way I see it, why do we need to label ourselves? Just go with what's comfortable, and what's right for you.

    Posted by Chris on 30 April 2011  |  10 people found this useful

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  • i felt like this, i found it easier to jerk off over gay/bi porn than straight. i'm now in a great relationship with a female. anything can happen

    Posted by Joey on 14 November 2011  |  4 people found this useful

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  • Personally i feel that it shouldnt matter what sexuality you are just enjoy yourself. Ive known for a long time now that im attracted to both sexes but am more attracted to men. However who knows who i will fall in love with. You cant predict the future n you could fall in love with either just be happy :-)

    Posted by jonny on 15 October 2011  |  2 people found this useful

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  • im 18 nd knew i was bi at 15 you know what feels right to you when it happens

    Posted by graham on 01 September 2011  |  3 people found this useful

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  • It may not, it may do. I say treat it as a phase at the moment, then when you think you know what your sexuality is, if you are gay you will be able to come out

    Posted by Jack on 02 August 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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