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My vagina lips are very big and hang down quite far, i had never been concious til the other day, when my friend said it was very big. Is it normal?

meg on 09 December 2008 99 Comments

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  • I feel the exact same, i noticed when i was about 14, and now i am 16 and it worries me everyday. I have never been sexually active with a lad and this is why. i am so scared what they will think! Reading what some girls have put have made me feel abit more confident, because i to hate wearing a bakini because i think people will be able to tell &I also thought about haveing surgery.
    Mine also seem to blister alot and can get painful, i really want to see my doctor about it but im scared of showing anyone!

    Posted by gemma on 20 August 2011  |  22 people found this useful

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  • Glad to know im not alone. Im 15 and Im not considering sex any time soon, however I've got long vagina lips and i get depressed regularly. I really hate it. I cannot wait for the day that i can feel confident.
    I do believe these 'DV' Designer Vagina's that stars have make us women think they should be tucked in an amazing but we all know they come in All shapes an sizes. Me and my bestfriend are close and shes seen my body and said the exact same of what the majority of you lot have. That there is nothing wrong with my 'Lips' and there is no such thing as normal however its annoying because she doesn't really have any lips and its all tidy and tucked away. I've already told my sister im seriously considering surgery when im older although she says you'll grow out of it and a guy will love you for who you are however.. until that day my minds in two places.
    Like i said its nice to hear from both men and women on this situation

    Posted by Jessy on 18 November 2011  |  13 people found this useful

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  • My flaps are big and hang, when I go on holiday and wear bikini I get really consious because my v line carries on going so I get a camel toe! Sometimes it hurts and it get uncomfortable. I really want to get rid of them but I dont know how!!

    Posted by [No first name supplied] on 06 May 2014  |  1 person found this useful

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  • I'm 15 and I've been with two people, no sex but a lot of foreplay and it's only really just hit me about how big they actually are :/ neither of those people have ever said anything bad about them, but I just feel like the way they kinda hang is unnatractive, and me being a sexual person makes me feel even more insecure about them. I will probably have surgery when I'm older, if it's still an issue

    Posted by Gemma on 29 April 2014  |  0 people found this useful

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  • OMG girls! Big lips are absolutely the best! When I was younger I didn't care big or small. But now after having many different types, I have to say bigger is better. They wrap and make you feel even tighter. Plus guys are very visual so watching lips wrap the penis is a major turn on. Most young inexperienced guys will not care and might think they look loose. But that is not the true. And breasts!!! I used to love them big and now I know that small breasts means skinny chics. Skinny, small breasts and big lips is my absolute favorite! Always remember some people prefer what you might think is ugly.

    Posted by Jesse on 19 March 2014  |  5 people found this useful

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  • I'm 15, and my vagina lips hang low too, I hate it, at school everyone makes fun of flappy birds or hanging ham. It makes me uncomfortable, is there anyway I can get rid of it???

    Posted by Zoe on 02 March 2014  |  0 people found this useful

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