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My foreskin doesnt properly retract when I have an erection. I have to physically pull it back, but it hurts - why?

Lewis on 13 October 2008 97 Comments

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  • well for people who are worried, or unsure of what it is. that there is 2 different reasons of which i know why foreskins do not retract, the first 1 is : phimosis, this is where your foreskin is to smallto fit around the head of your penis. to cure this is by gently streching your foreskin while your penis is soft, baring in mind this doesn not work 100% of the time, so a vist to your local gp may be neccesery as he can provide creams etc to help with this. it nothing works then possible circumsision may be needed. the 2nd is where the frenulum is to small. this is where the foreskin will retract to the biggining of the head when your penis is erect, the frenulum is the bit of skin connecting your shaft to the head under the penis. this is easily fixed by sergeory which takes roughly 30 mins to do, and done under local anisthetic. i personally have the 2nd 1. but to be honest, i am to embarrised to see my doctor about it. i have had sex 4x and it has hert everytime, but i have read up of the sergeory for frenulum (frenuloplasty), when you have had the sergery, the pain is suppose to turn to pleasure, so that is 1 good thing.

    Posted by jon on 30 November 2009  |  5 people found this useful

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  • hi im 16 and my forskin did not pull back when i got an erection, i did not think this was different or wrong until i first had sex and i noticed i didnt get much pleasure. I kept it secret for a long time but then found the courage to tell my mum and go see my doctor, the problem was that my frenulum (the piece of skin that attaches the head to the shaft) was to small and i went for surgery (frenulumplasty) this was done under local anesthetic and took around 15 minutes also it did not hurt at all and i was aloud to take my Ipod into the surgery. I am very happy i had the surgery and now when i get an errection my foreskin still doest pull back on its own but i can pull it back myself without any discomfort and i know it will stretch soon.

    Posted by george on 08 January 2010  |  3 people found this useful

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  • Guys the reason why your foreskin cannot be fully retracted when your penis is erect is because the phimotic ring inside your foreskin is a tad too tight, to stretch this gently retract your foreskin when you penis is flaccid and then put your finger inbetween your penis anda foreskin and slowly pull away. Do not pull harshly, just pull till it feels like its stretching. Do this every day for about 3-5 weeks. My progress has made it much easier to retract my foreskin when erect!

    Posted by Jagneel on 27 January 2011  |  1 person found this useful

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  • My foreskin doesn't fully when i get an erection,hurts like hell when i try to masturbate,for this reason i have never even tried to indulge in intercourse

    Posted by Peter on 06 January 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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  • how are you meant to know the foreskin is meant to be pulled back all the way.

    After suffering from paraphimosis twice now (the times times ive had sex without a condom) ive googled these things, - i never knew the foreskin was meant to go over the head - the hole is more than half the size of the head - its never going to get over without forcing - which causes immense pain obviously and brings an abrupt end to activities...

    i always thought porn stars were circumcised.. never considered there was something different about it

    Posted by Ouch! on 09 December 2010  |  1 person found this useful

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  • When i get an erection my foreskin doesn't retract fully, i can pull it back with no pain but it doesnt stay there, is that normal? what should i do?

    Posted by jake on 04 December 2010  |  2 people found this useful

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