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me and my girlfriend are trying to have anal sex, how can we make it most comfortable for her? does it get less painful the more you do it?

[No first name supplied] on 01 May 2010 9 Comments

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  • Anal Sex
    The best way to do it is like this
    Remember he must always wear a condom.
    If you go to the chemist you can buy some condoms, KY or Play lubricant and a small rubber bulb with a spout on it.
    The best position is doggy style, after you go to the toilet, mix up some KY or Play with the same amount of water and suck the mixture up into the bulb.
    The small rubber spout is easy to insert and when squeezed you can put the lubrication just where its needed, he can now lube up the condom well and if you relax and he takes it nice and slow it should be tolerable.
    Keep some water handy so that he can dribble a little down your crack when it gets a little dry, that works very well and you don’t miss a stroke.
    Do not use baby oil as this will perish the condom.
    Never put anything that has been used up your bum near your pussy as the “germs” from your bum will cause problems in your pussy, this includes fingers.
    He should try to avoid you seeing the condom when he pulls out; he should wrap it up and put it straight in the bin.
    When you get used to it you can do sudoko while he is busy. I speak from experience.

    Posted by john on 12 July 2010  |  0 people found this useful

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  • it's a natural progession in sexual experience with your partner, personally, I find that after vaginal sex and orgasm my muscles are more relaxed and i'm not as tense. This makes anal sex more enjoyable and easier, so my advice is to build up to it naturally and take things slow. Also lots of lube, and if you're a girl and enjoy anal sex but want to make it less painful, try foreplay with anal beads, anal dildos etc - not too big obviously, you don't want to damage yourself! Have fun :)

    Posted by Molly on 07 July 2010  |  0 people found this useful

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  • First off, talk about it with your girlfriend and make sure that it is something you both want to do and make sure that you talk about it again afterwards, as either you or your girlfriend might not have liked it and won't want to do it again.

    If you do decide to do it, you need to use lubricant - use a water-based lubricant which you can buy from most chemists or major supermarkets. Spit dries out quickly and makes it more painful while shower gel will irritate the lining of your girlfriend's anus. Also, use a condom - anal sex is NOT a way to prevent pregnancy and the risk of STI transmission is high.

    Plenty of foreplay beforehand is necessary - fingering and rimming (stimulating the anus with your tongue) can make her feel more relaxed. You should also remember to stimulate her genitals, as her clitoris will not be stimulated through penetration of her anus.

    Lastly, let her take charge! She might find it easier to go on top with you on your back as it puts her in control of how far and how quickly you enter her - do not thrust until she feels comfortable enough. Once she is comfortable, you can move into different positions.

    Posted by Andrew on 07 July 2010  |  0 people found this useful

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  • use loads of lube or just dont

    Posted by [No first name supplied] on 19 June 2010  |  0 people found this useful

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