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Me and my boyfriend have just started doing foreplay and oral but he can't seem to make me orgasm, is there any tips i could give him??

[no first name supplied - female] on 15 April 2011 5 Comments

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  • Most boys tend to treat the vagina like play dough and just poke around at it and if you're unexperienced then that might feel slightly good but it can be so much better...under the hood of the clit it usually the best area so if he licks that then it will feel nice, the next step is synchronisation, as he's licking the clit he can use his fingers to stimulate your g-spot which is inside the vagina on the roof (hold your palm flat infront of you and move your fingers upwards towards you), if he does that action inside you it should reach the g-spot (tell him if he feels a slight crater inside on the roof then thats the right place) - if he can synchronise the motion of his fingers and his tongue then you should have an amazing time - i hope it works, good luck :)

    Posted by Charlotte on 22 April 2011  |  1 person found this useful

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  • The best tip you can give him is to tell him exactly what you like, what works and don't be shy. Take his hand, press his finger on your clit and guide him so he can feel what a clit is, know where it is and you show him how you want it touched, how hard to press, which way to move it, tap it, wiggle and giggle it. Once he knows that stuff, he'll know better what to do with his tongue. Also a good tip is tell him to spell out the alphabet with his wet tongue over the tip of your clit, even if he pushes your pubic area back to expose the sensitive clit tip - I find this is fantastic before any fingers or anything have touched me there. It makes the whole area alive with sensation.

    Posted by Tracy on 20 July 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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  • The best thing ever for me is when the boy is giving oral sex and playing with my nipples at the same time. Tell him what feels good, and direct him and dont feel embarrased to. Tell him to gently lick the clit and vary pressure on it

    Posted by lisa on 27 April 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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  • This was the same with boyfriend! It felt good but i'd never oragasm! But then one day it just happened through oral sex and it was amazing! My advice is dont put pressure on having one, just relax and enjoy him pleasuring you! It may take a little longer the first time but after that it gets alot quicker depending on how hes plessuring you! Also I find its all about him pleasuring your clit, that will deffo work if hes pleasuring you there!

    Posted by KT on 26 April 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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  • the tips down there all work realy well also if u get him to put his middle finger inbetwen ur lips strait down ur vigina (not inside) and just vibrate his finger , ma gf loves it and once shes wet i find it alot easer to get her off with fingering , make shure he trys to keep to a gd rythem as well ul find that realy dose it + if he get u realy turned on be4 oral the hood of ur clit lifts an getin her off with oral is easyer if u just do the finger vibrate thing b4 hand to get u realy in the mood :)

    Posted by dan on 26 April 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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