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Im the only girl in my year at school that hasnt had sex or anything with a boy, I want to but im scared, it apparently hurts the first time.. does it?

Rianna on 17 August 2011 34 Comments

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  • When having sex for the first time you need to make sure that you are in the right state of mind and that you lose it with the person that you are in a relationship. Because it isn't just having sex, it's making love as well. You shouldn't feel that you are being pressured into having sex just because your friends have had sex or done more stuff than you.

    I won't lie, when having sex for the first time, for most people it does hurt, however, it doesn't last throughout the whole time. It lasts more than others but the pain will turn into pleasure after a while.
    Also, when having sex for the first time, of course you are going to be nervous whether you are doing it right or wrong, however just because you have small boobs doesn't effect your ability of having sex.
    Small boobs are perfectly normal, and you shouldn't feel self conscious about your body as there are thousands of other women out there who are having healthy sex lives and they have small boobs.

    Sorry for the essay, I hope any of this helps.

    Posted by Sarah on 17 August 2011  |  21 people found this useful

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  • you really shouldnt go in to peer presure! my girlfriend was worried and if your not ready tell the guy and he will understand if he loves you and if not hes not worth doing it with yet :) x

    Posted by andy on 23 August 2011  |  11 people found this useful

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  • I waited until I was legal and until it was a "special" night for me and my girlfriend before we both lost our virginity. I can tell you that you it isn't the heavenly light and fanfare of angels that you expect. Sure, it is very important to do it with someone that you actually trust and want to do it with but what I want to say is you shouldn't expect too much of it, it's just sex.

    Me and my girlfriend both had fun doing it. As I said, she was a virgin and she loved it and experienced no pain but I think this is perhaps she masturbated. Not all the time obviously but she wasn't afraid of her sexuality. I think if you are completely new to sexual stimulation you will feel uncomfortable and and it will hurt because you've never had anything go there before.

    I think that what people are mainly saying is true, wait until you are ready and I don't think you will regret it but I have two other things just to add and re iterate. It is just sex. It isn't some scary ritual, it should be fun and enjoyable for both people so don't worry about it or you could end up rushing into something or perhaps never being open to the idea of "This is the right moment to have sex" if that makes sense. Secondly I would advise you to get in touch with your sexual side and explore yourself. There is nothing wrong with it. It is NOT dirty or slutty it is just something you can do with your body. Doing that will make you more comfortable with your body and give you an idea of what to expect and hopefully, eventually give you better sex because you will know what you want :)

    Posted by Josh on 31 August 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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  • I was absoloutely terrified at the thought of losing my virginity to my boyfriend, although I ended up waiting 18months, it was body confidence issues that i believe really held me back. I had a lot of things said about me, like the fact that I was frigid and stuff but I knew that it had nothing to do with them whether i'd had sex or not, I felt as though it would be a mistake I would regret for a long time - and when i did lose it, don't get me wrong it wasn't the fairytale I imagined, but I don't regret it because I had waited and was made to feel comfortable :) and maybe for that reason it didn't hurt one bit, and we're still together, so it's not all horror stories :)

    Posted by Sophie on 30 August 2011  |  1 person found this useful

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  • I completely agree with the comment posted by Ceejay, I had a similar experience when I lost my virginity and I wished for so long that I had said "no" more clearly. Having sex for the first time is a big thing, and can have a huge impact, I'm still not over what happened for me and it's 2 years on and I have someone who understands and tries to help me with it all. Don't lose your virginity because people pressure you or because you want to impress someone or for any reason other than that you are ready.
    Also I apologise for the fact that this is a bi tof an essay! x

    Posted by Hollie on 28 August 2011  |  1 person found this useful

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  • well im 17 and have just lost my virginity and i am very glad that i waited to do it with someone that i actually cared about and know as having sex with someone is very intamate so dont worry that you have not lost your virginity or done anything with a boy because most boys respect girls more if they are just a virgin anyways. but as fr if it hurts for the first time it did for me at the begging but as we went more slowly and softly it gradully got better and turned out to be very good for the first time but everyone is different and it depends on the person buh it always helps to be relaxed so doing it with someone that you love or going out with helps as you are more compfortable with them, but it is important at the end of the day to make sure you are ready at arenot being pressured into having sex. hopes this helps xx

    Posted by serena on 26 August 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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