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if you get all your pubic hair waxed or shaved can you still get crabs?

charlotte on 06 July 2010 7 Comments

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  • Yes, and if you have crabs and you shave or wax you will still have them as they bury themselves underneath your skin until new hair grows
    You need to go to your doctor and get cream for them, also if you have crabs wash your clothes seperately to your families and get rid as soon as possible because they can spread through everything including bed sheets, washing machines etc.

    Posted by sook on 07 July 2010  |  0 people found this useful

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  • Yes you can - as Ross said, they live in the hair follicles, just under the skin. While it makes them easier to spot, it unfortunately doesn't make them any easier to treat.

    Posted by Andrew on 07 July 2010  |  0 people found this useful

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  • Crabs are basically nits, and can live on any body hair (although they prefer the warmth and moistness of the pubic region). Certainly for men, the recommendation on the lotion I had to use was to coat *all* your body hair in case any of the little beggars had taken a day trip to another bit of you.

    I'm no expert, but I'd reckon shaving would reduce the *chance* of getting them, but certainly not eliminate it. If you already have them, then shaving won't help, as they live very close to the skin's surface. Speak to your pharmacist about getting a lotion to treat the infestation. There's no need to be embarrassed, as you can get crabs from sharing bed linen or towels with someone who has them.

    Posted by Nick on 07 July 2010  |  0 people found this useful

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  • it's less likely but you do open yourself up to other STIs like herpes/genital warts because there is no hair protecting the skin. Shaving/waxing won't get rid of crabs because the eggs will often be below the skin and this can cause them to be incredibly painful/itchy. It's best to treat them with the medicated shampoo.

    Posted by Belle on 07 July 2010  |  0 people found this useful

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