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How much does anal hurt for a girl on first time, I know you should use lube but how much can it hurt?

[No first name supplied - male] on 03 May 2011 2 Comments

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  • the first time i used lube and it was a bit sore but if u like a little bit of pain in your sex life it does get better :) and it has a completely diffrent feeling than vaginal sex. everyone should try it once

    Posted by danielle on 02 February 2012  |  0 people found this useful

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  • Did try it and have persevered a couple of times (ages ago now) because my bf really wanted to but personally didnt enjoy it at all and found it really sore - you have to do whats right for yourself but try not to feel pressured into continuing if ur not comfortable!!

    Posted by LJ on 26 July 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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  • I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time about a week ago.... it did hurt, it hurt tons more than i was expecting, so I was shocked! it's like a sting and you can feel a warm stinging pulse in the vagina after, but it's still really nice, despite the pain. I didn't bleed cause my cherry has popped through tampons- so that helps tone down the pain! I don't see the need for lube- if you're really ready the vagina will be turned on and wet enough already!

    Posted by amb on 25 May 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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  • It depends on the person, both giving and receiving. If he's large, it will probably hurt a lot more. I would definitely use lube and a condom...as the anus does'nt make it's own lubrication like the vagina does, so it can cause more discomfort if no lubricating product is used

    Posted by Jane on 20 May 2011  |  0 people found this useful

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