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How hairy is the average woman? Should you be able to feel hair all over the body, should it be visible? I stiffen when touched because I'm worried.

Alison on 23 September 2008 3 Comments

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  • Does anybody know of any good solutions to all over body hair? Permenant ones would be good!

    Posted by lucy on 03 November 2008  |  0 people found this useful

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  • I think that I am the hairiest person ever as I have visible hair on my stomach, back, arms, legs and vagina...basically everywhere. I don't know what is normal, but if this sounds like you than you are not alone. Although I haven't tried it, I think laser treatment would be the best solution.

    Posted by lauren on 06 October 2008  |  0 people found this useful

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  • every woman is different! it's all done to hormones and genetics. all women have body hair everywhere, from downy hair on places like the face and breasts to thicker hair on the legs and vaginal areas. i was cursed with thick dark hair which i shave on a regular basis to feel feminine. i also have downy hair all over which is barely visible but i leave it alone. it's normal and is usually visible, especially if you are dark haired, but it's nothing to fret about. just relax and accept your body

    Posted by miranda on 05 October 2008  |  0 people found this useful

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