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Do most girls masterbate and is it normal, and when do they start to masterbate on average?

Victoria on 22 July 2010 66 Comments

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  • Girls always seem to say that they don't touch themselves, but most definitely do. I personally think it's really important to start masterbating, it means you know exactly how to make yourself cum. Most guys are unsure about what girls like, cos a lot of them prefer different things (softer, harder, faster, etc) and if you know exactly what's best for you, all you have to do is tell/show him meaning he can make you feel amazing much easier and sooner. It is totally worth it for that.

    Posted by Taylor on 02 August 2011  |  47 people found this useful

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  • I started when I was 13 and I was really worried about doing it because I was so young and wasn't sure it was natural but reading all these comments made me realise it IS normal and that's made me feel better about it. Even though I haven't told anyone I know about it, it's still good to know that I'm not the only one who does it. :)x

    Posted by Steviee on 03 June 2011  |  25 people found this useful

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  • I'm 17 and have been touching myself since I was around 12/13 but whenever I try to finger myself I can't get my finger in and it feels uncomfortable, is this normal? It doesn't seem to matter how relaxed I am it just doesn't work, the same goes for tampons, I am a virgin but was told this didn't make much of a difference, any thoughts?

    Posted by Alice on 24 June 2014  |  2 people found this useful

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  • I've been masturbating since I was 12! It's completely normal and actually healthy. You get to learn about your body, what you like, and what you don't. I remember when I started I would feel kind of bad about it, because I didn't know a single girl who admitted to touching herself, so I felt alone and wrong I guess. But hi nestle, it's normal <3

    Posted by [No first name supplied] on 31 May 2014  |  0 people found this useful

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  • When i first started was 11 I was very very young at first this is what I thought to myself: am I normal? What will my friends and family think? Am I really weird?im really scared! But since I found this site i feel like i can be free from being scared i can be normal well I am normal!! I am very happy i had found this site. I had always thought someone would find out and I thought I was disgusting but really I'm actually normal :) so ya... Oh and If u can help me what can u use as a vibrator without my parents finding out please please please help!

    Posted by May on 19 March 2014  |  7 people found this useful

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  • I am 17 and I love pleasuring myself. I don't enjoy fingering myself but I absolutely LOVE rubbing my clit. It is a fantastic feeling especially if you orgasm. It's completely normal to touch yourself whether you're male or female. Most girls touch themselves just don't admit it as freely as boys, so go ahead and do it because once you start you won't stop!!

    Posted by Sophie on 21 December 2012  |  10 people found this useful

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